Governing Body
Governing Body
Chair of Governors (LA)Mrs Diane Leggett
Vice Chair (Foundation)Mr Jim Coltman
Foundation GovernorsRev Helen Gill
 Ms Janis Miller
 Mr Matt Wilson
Parent GovernorsMrs Sarah Davies
 Ms Sara Clarke
HeadteacherMrs Gill Taylor
Staff GovernorMr Chris Needham
School Development PartnerMaddy Kennedy
Clerk to the GovernorsL Le Cornu
Statement of Impact of Governors
Governor and Associate MembersCategory
(see notes)
Term of Office expiry Body Appointed/Elected byPosition of ResponsibilityCommittee Membership (see notes)Attendance at FGB Business / Pecuniary or Conflicts of InterestDate of DeclarationAttendance at CommitteesGovernance Role at another Education establishment
Aut 1Aut 2Spr 1Spr 2Sum 1Sum 2
L Le Cornu    Clerk     
Mrs D LeggettLA09-11-1408-11-18LAChair FS, CP, PHSx  PHS - 3 out of 3
FS - 3 out of 3
CP - 2 out of 3
Mr J ColtmanFoundation20-09-1219-09-16Foundation BodyVice ChairPHS, FS  PHS - 3 out of 3
FS - 3 out of 3
Governor at feeder High School
Ms S ClarkeParent13-09-1312-09-17Elected CP  CP - 2 out of 3 
Mrs S DaviesParent13-09-1312-09-17Elected CP  CP - 2 out of 3 
Mr C NeedhamStaff26-02-1425-02-18ElectedTeachingCP  CP - 1 out of 3 
Mrs G TaylorStaff   HeadteacherFS, CP, PHS  PHS - 2 out of 3
FS - 3 out of 3
CP - 3 out of 3
Miss J MillerFoundation09-12-1508-12-19Foundation Body CP, PHS  CP - 2 out of 3
PHS - 1 out of 3
Rev H GillFoundation08-04-1607-04-20Foundation Body None as only a temp postx  None 
Mr M WilsonFoundation16-12-1515-12-19Foundation Body FSx  FS - 1 out of 3 
Staff (S)
Parent (P)
Co-opted (C)
Local Auth (LA)
Associate (A)
Observer (Ob)
Finance & Staffing (FS)
Curriculum & Pupils inc Pupil Discipline (CP)
Premises, Health & Safety (PHS)
Appeals & Complaints (AC) = all governors not involved in original decision making process
School Liaison (new build) SL
Head Teacher Appraisal (HTA)
 Signed register available in school   

Governing Body Statement

The Governing Body of Christ Church Church of England School is made up from volunteers from the local community who share a passion for ensuring that every aspect of school life is to the highest standard possible to get the best education and school experience for your children.

We work closely with the Head Teacher and she keeps us informed of all developments and issues in school and also any awards/initiatives. She provides a report at each Governing Body meeting detailing pupil numbers, performance at each Key Stage, staff absences and training courses attended, events in school and pupil premium spending, etc. We regularly challenge the Head ensuring that we have a clear understanding of the school and its needs.

Each of us has a section of the curriculum which is based on our interests and/or work specialism. We report back to the whole governing body on a regular basis after consulting with subject leaders and visiting classes in school to gather evidence. The Governing Body meets once a term with sub-committees feeding back into those meetings in our role as ‘critical friend’ to the school.

The Curriculum committee – chaired by parent Sarah Clarke – deals with all aspects of curriculum delivery with timely presentations by subject leaders and updating of relevant policies on a regular basis. We keep a watching brief over pupil numbers and results and monitoring of Early Years and each Key Stage progress.

The Buildings committee – chaired by Jim Coltman, Health & Safety officer – begins with a Health & Safety monitoring walk around school, followed by discussions on policy documents and any work needing to be carried out in school.

Staffing and Finance committee – chair Jim Coltman - has an overview of the school budget and how it is being spent to give best value for money. We also ensure the best placing of staff at all levels to optimise the curriculum and daily running of the school and that all policy documents are kept up to date. Members of the staffing group also monitor the Head Teacher’s performance, sit on interview panels for new appointments and decide on annual admissions to school.

The current Governing Body consists of the Head Teacher, a member of teaching staff, a Local Authority appointed governor, two parent governors, an ex-officio governor who is appointed by the Diocese from the Clergy of the Anglican Church and four foundation governors appointed by the Parish Council and Diocesan board. We have a Chair and Vice Chair and the Local Authority provides us with a clerk to ensure that our meetings are correctly minuted, signed and published. All updated policy documents are kept in a file in the school office and are updated annually or more often where appropriate, on a rolling programme.

Reports are made to the Governing Body on Early Years, Special Educational Needs, Gifted & Talented, Looked-After Children, Literacy, Numeracy, Religious Education, Science, IT, Arts subjects and even school meals.

Governors also have an overview of Health & Safety, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Pupil Premium and in-house Assessment systems.

Each governor has been assigned to a class so that we can monitor every year group and help out where needed, making the Governing Body more pro-active within school rather than just attending meetings out of school hours.

We attend parents’ evenings to introduce ourselves and obtain feedback on parents’ views of how we are performing and any extra activities you would like to see in school, and this will become a regular feature of our work.

We each participate in Local Authority training to ensure that our skills are kept up-to-date and the Head Teacher and Chair attend annual conferences by the Newcastle & Durham Diocesan Education Board to keep abreast of new developments and initiatives.